Nazanin leaves Iran to visit her boyfriend Arash in Australia while pretending to her traditional family she is going to a conference in Dubai. However, her holiday is interrupted by the news of her father’s sudden passing, forcing Nazanin to make a critical decision – staying with Arash or returning to Iran and running the risk of never being able to come back to Australia.

Winner of Best Narrative Film, Top Shorts Film Festival 2019
Canberra International Film Festival 2020
Prague International Indie Film Festival 2020
Diorama International Film Festival Competition 2021
Lisboeta International Film Festival 2022


Director and Writer: Amin Palangi
Producers: David Curzon, Amin Palangi
Cinematographer: Daniel Hartley-Allen
Production Designer: Fatemeh Palangi
Composer: Gelareh Pour
Editor: Brad Hurt

Atefeh Saniee
Fereydoun Mehrabi
Ghazal Ghazanfari
Madjid Alaei